Blasze IP Logger

We all know that a website or app can easily obtain a user's IP address. This principle is also very simple. Basically, the program running on the server can easily obtain and write a ready-made function to obtain the user's ip address. Generally, the website will record these ip addresses for further analysis. In addition to obtaining the IP address, such programs can also obtain the user's browser information, including the time zone and time on the browser. According to the version of the browser, we can also analyze what the user's device is, is it a mobile phone? Or a computer? Brand information for these devices, OS version system.
Through the above introduction, we can know that if we need to obtain a specific IP address, we need to obtain this information through some interaction. We can usually send a link to the other party, or add an invisible message to the email. The picture is then sent to the other party. For details about the code to obtain the other party's ip address by mail, you can check this link on the website. Go To IpLogger

Now let's introduce how to use this tool to get the ip address. I will introduce it in four parts. Don't worry about not being able to operate it. After reading my introduction, you will find that it is all too simple.
Step 1: Of course, go to the home page and select the URL
Step 2: Enter a link to the web page you want others to see, I will just fill in one here. Then pull the progress bar to the end and click "Generate"
Step 3: At this time, you will see the information in the picture, "New Grabify Link" and "Tracking Link". After these two links are opened, you will quickly understand their function, the first link It is for sending to others. After they click on it, they will go directly to the URL entered in the previous step. The second link is for you to view the record yourself.
Step 4: On this page, you can click "Show Details" to view the location information. You can also copy this ip address and go to a website you are familiar with for further inquiries and sharing. Of course, you can also delete these records or modify the link address in the second step.

So far, the functions of URL and QR to obtain other people's IP addresses have been introduced. Many people may have also mentioned using pictures to track IP addresses. In fact, there are two ways to get the IP address of the picture here, one is invisible, and the other is to directly display a group of pictures. I'll keep going in this link! Go to MaiPDF QR maker PDF_to_qr image_to_qr SharePDFOnline ReadNotify SharePDFOnline